Get Healthy,
Stay Healthy!

For A Lifetime...Not Another Season!
Are you still...

Doing exercises that you don't like or exercises that cause you pain?

Eating "health foods" you can't stomach?

Stuck trying to reach goals you can't maintain?


Stop the Yo-Yo weight loss - weight gain cycle once and for all!


Our program is designed to make fitness fun, improve nutrition habits and guide you towards optimal health and fitness for a lifetime, not just a season.


How We're Different

We are the FIRST and longest-running fitness boot camp in Adams County, but there's so much more. 

Discovery Session
We are the ONLY group training gym that makes time for a one-on-one assessments so that we can know you and serve you better.
We want you better, not beat up.
Based on your Discovery Session Assessment we are able to scale your workouts in order to meet your fitness needs and goals.
Nutrition Habits
We are the ONLY gym that provides nutrition health coaching. Our whole food, habit-based system will serve you long-term results.
Alanna M.

"My endurance, flexibility, form, and strength have all improved a ton...>

Joyce C.

"You provide a unique service,...>

Jenn A

"Fit Soldiers is where I always find my results, especially post-baby...>


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**Individual results may vary from person to person, based on a variety of variables.**


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