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Back-to-School Fall Refresh

Kids are back in school now it's time to get back to you!
Join our 8-week Fall Back-to-School Fall Refresh from anywhere!

Join the B2S Fall Refresh and get ready to:

  • Burn unwanted fat

  • Increase energy

  • Build whole food nutrition habits

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Sleep better

  • Establish a healthy lifestyle

  • Improve mental health

For only $45 you'll receive:

  • 8-weeks of professional coaching

  • Client nutrition guide

  • Delicious new recipes

  • Peer support

  • Prize eligible

  • Join in from anywhere

  • And Much More!

September 14th - November 10th
Optional weigh-in's 9/13 at Adventure Fitness

Money-back guarantee: If you're 75% compliant to our program and you're unhappy with your results we will offer you a full refund

The prizes will be raffled off based on the following

1. A minimum of 80% compliant

2. Six of eight weekly check-ins completed

Prize $100 Visa gift card

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