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Summer is coming...Are You Ready!?!

Join us for four weeks of focus as you prepare for the unofficial kickoff to summer, Memorial Day!

April 29th - May 26th

Healthy Habit Nutrition Coaching

Gain Muscle Tone

Social Support From Your Peers


Weight Loss

Daily & Weekly Accountability

Confidence Building

And More!!

All this for only $30

The Memorial Day Meltdown is a four-week countdown to the unofficial kick off to summer, Memorial Day.


We will begin on April 29th and finish on May 26th.

The program will include four weeks of healthy habit building and high accountability all delivered through our unique coaching app.

We will guide you through essential habits, educate you with daily micro-lessons, and motivate you with the chance to win some sweet new sunglasses. All in order to help you feel great, build confidence and of course, lose a little winter weight and lean up just in time for summer.

You'll receive expert coaching along the way and be surrounded by like-minded peers just like you who are ready to feel great this summer.

What you'll receive, 4-weeks of:

  • Nutrition coaching

  • Healthy habit building

  • Nutrition education

  • Daily and weekly accountability

  • Community support

  • Live weekly coaching sessions

  • A chance to win a free pair of sunglasses!! 

The winner will be chosen not by the 'biggest loser' but rather by the person most compliant to the program. Basically, follow the rules for your best chance to win and let the weight loss become the byproduct of the fun you've had!!

Are you ready to get started? Click the button below.

Still have questions? Reach out - 

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