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71 Year Old Runs Sub-3hr Marathon

OK, this is wild... Now I can't imagine my physical state at age 71 but running or not I hope its somewhere in the ballpark of this man.

At age 71 Gene Dykes runs a sub-3hr marathon! That's only seconds faster than my PR and I'm half his age...

As mind-blowing as it is and as unachievable as it feels there are golden nuggets to pick up.

You're never too young... “I’d jogged for fun, but I started really running at 58, and I found I was good at it..." - Gene Dykes. He started seriously training at age 58... What can you start, or continue now in your 30's...40's...50's that will help you be and stay health decades from now?

Be a student of your craft... We all have old injuries and issues so it's important to listen to your body. If you have a bum shoulder then either fix it to the best of your ability or find something that isn't abusive to it. If your running form stinks then either work to become more efficient or choose a different hobby. You need to train smart.

Have fun... Enjoy what you do. If you like to hike then hike all the trails. Cycle, spin all the roads. workout, lift all the weights. If you don't enjoy what you do then you'll view is it as an "I have to..." instead of it as an "I GET to..." When you "Get To" do it then you'll see opportunities to do it and not fight excuses.

Consistency... When you enjoy what you do you'll do it more often. When you do it more often it will become a habit. When it's a habit then not much will stop you from doing it. Gene may be gifted at running, allowing him to be so good so late in the game but he didn't just wake up and run sub-3. It took 13 years from when he got serious to get this far. Many can't stay focused for 13 days.

Patience... One killer workout didn't make Gene fast. Just as sporadic hard workouts won't make you fit. Eating one healthy salad won't drop make get you to your goal weight. In our have it now culture those who are patient will reap all the benefits.

Take some notes out of this wise man's playbook. Chances are, you're much younger than him. Which means, Lord willing, you have a lot of time to progress towards greatness physically, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Enjoy the journey and the reward will happen!

Join us at the end of April, through May for our Memorial Day Meltdown where we will focus on dialing in your health habits for the long run, not the one and done.

Committed to Your Results, Dave Mura

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