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What's in your way?

Lots of thoughts floating around here lately. Here's a quick one on your limits. Who puts them there? Why do we believe them? Are they actually true or are you capable of more? 

I believe we're so much more capable than what we give ourselves credit for. Meaning, we believe the lies that I'm too old, too short, too slow, or I'm a girl (I'm not...) but you get the point.  These words that we've been told begin to take root and by believing them they hinder us from ever finding our true potential and obtaining real results

Now sure if, your 66 years old you're probably not going to enter the Olympics. The woman in the quote above climbed El Capitan (3600' rock face in Yosemite) at the age of 66!

No matter your age, gender, or stature you are capable of more! Let's start ditching the excuses and start exploring more

Catch yourself making an excuse for yourself and ask...Is it true? Is it true that I can't workout or meal prep because I don't have time? Or is it just poor management of time?

You just really can't know what you're capable of unless you push the limit.

Now tell me, what limits have you been placing on yourself that are holding you back? 

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