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You Don't HAVE To Be Healthy

You don't HAVE to read this...

I often come across people saying that "I want to ___________ (fill in your goal). To do that I HAVE to __________(dreaded fad diet or exercise/workout of season)."

And the 'have to' is typically said with an apathetic under tone...

The truth is, you don't have to do anything. No one is forcing you to eat what you don't want to and move how you don't like to.

I took a peak at the dictionary and came across two meanings with two different tones.

  1. to hold or maintain as a possession, privilege, or entitlement

  2. to feel obligation in regard to —usually used with an infinitive with to

First you can HAVE good health. Second you don't HAVE to, your are not obligated to do what everyone else is doing in order to have good health.

In order to get to the first one, having good health, let's start shifting away from a 'have to' and more towards a GET to. Getting to do something has a little more excitement than having to do something. It's an honor, a privilege! It has a sense of something to look forward to!

So now the question is how can you be excited to GET to do something that will lead to having better health?

In my time as a trainer and coach it comes down to finding out what you love to do. If you love pumping iron GREAT, if not DON'T. If you love running, GREAT, if not DON'T. If you love the kale and it's nutrient density, GREAT eat it, if not DON'T.

But we can't stop there. I'm not telling you to be lazy and have poor nutrition habits. Rather there are countless ways to get moving and eating that will create health for YOU and not how mainstream health and fitness tells dictates how you have to in order to be healthy.

The million dollar question is what does that look like for you? The variables are infinite. Rethink your plan of attack and see what's working for you.

This is one of the ways my clients are so successful working with me as a health coach. I help them discover what will work for them in order to see sustainable results.

If you're tired of having to do things to get healthy I'd love to help you discover the things you GET to do in order to find real health!

I'd love to connect for a FREE Discovery Session to see how health coaching may benefit you!

Schedule your Discovery Session HERE

Committed to Your Results,

Dave Mura

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

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